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Everything you need for the 2018 revised Starters. This is the 'go-to' place for test top tips, resources, and official preparation materials.

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Find out all about the revised Starters along with useful resources to help you on your way!

Using stories with dyslexic children (Article)

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Stories can be used to ‘Reach and Teach’ Primary-aged learners with Dyslexia. Also look out for the dyslexic-friendly Storyfun story samples.

Storyfun 1&2 Dyslexic-friendly stories

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Samples of the dyslexic-friendly versions of stories, available with Storyfun - contact your Cambridge representative for the full set for your level.

Come alive! drama activities booklet (Storyfun)

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Word Fun World Vocabulary App demo

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Try our vocabulary app for Young Learners taking Starters, Movers or Flyers. Fun gaming style encourages learners to keep trying! Covers all the new vocabulary for the revised tests from 2018.

Using apps in the primary classroom (Article)

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David Valente, IATEFL YLTSIG Joint Coordinator discusses how you can use apps in the primary classroom, including those such as Word Fun World.

Story Video - Kim's birthday (Storyfun level 1)

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Try out our story video 'Kim's Birthday' (taken from Storyfun level 1 Presentation Plus)

Story Video - Our funny home (Storyfun level 2)

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Try out our story video 'Our funny home' (taken from Storyfun level 2 Presentation Plus)

Webinar: Can you spot it? Encouraging observation in your students

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In this webinar, Anne Robinson discusses how we can encourage observation in young learners - an important skill when learning a language - and preparing for tests. Anne Robinson is co-author of Fun for Starters, Movers, and Flyers 4th Edition.

Cambridge English: Young Learners 2018 exam changes summary

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Take a look at our 'at a glance' summary of the 2018 exam changes to find out what's new in Young Learners

Kid's Box Level 2 Sample

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Download this sample of Kid's Box level 2 updated 2nd edition - now with officially validated preparation for Starters

Fun For Starters Sample

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Download this sample of Fun for Starters 4th edition and try out these fun activities with your students

Home Fun Booklet Level 2 Sample

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Download a sample of Home Fun Booklet 2 – a great resource for homework which gets parents involved in their child’s learning. This booklet accompanies the 2nd edition of Storyfun and the 4th edition of Fun for Starters, Movers and Flyers.

Storyfun Level 2 Sample

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Download this sample of Storyfun 2nd edition and try out this story with accompanying activities in your class

Test teaching tips

Try this Teaching Tip video for fresh ideas to help with the new test format. You can download the accompanying classroom resource via the link below.

Teaching Tip Activity Pack Starters Reading and Writing Part 4

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Preparation is fun

Find out more about our official Starters preparation materials by clicking on a publication below.